Boiler Operator

Location: Sacramento, CA

Job Type: Full-Time

Years of Experience: 5+ years

Sector: Ports/Airports

Education: High School Degree

Job Description:

(See Desired Skills and Experience)

Desired Skills & Experience:

Boiler Operator independently operates and maintains utility plant equipment and systems

with minimal supervision; maintain one or multiple gas/propane fired water or fire tube

boilers equipped with electronic controls, and associated auxiliary control equipment;

operate a boiler feed water treatment plant and test the water, adding proper chemicals to

boiler feed water if necessary.


Must possess the ability to perform the common tasks associated with journeyman duties,

and will be subject to occasional and random inspections.


Observe boiler controls, gauges and charts to make necessary adjustments for proper fuel

and airflow to maintain system pressure. Operate the air conditioning management system

consisting of an automatic data system for gathering and recording plant and remote air

conditioning data.


Ability to do the common tasks associated with journeyman duties in a line of work, under

close supervision and subject to inspection at the end of each task. Read and record

temperatures, pressures, and operating data as required within a boiler pant.


Must be able to competently to inspect: all boiler controls, combustion equipment, water

leveler regulation, steam regulators, 0‐2 recorder, automatic 0‐2 trim systems, safety

devices, instruments, flow meters, feed pumps, gas regulators, automatic controls and air

regulators. Maintain constant observation of the meters, charts, gauges, water levels and

temperatures to ensure that all systems are functioning properly. Read and record

temperatures, pressures, and operating data as required within a boiler plant.


Must have knowledge of equipment assembly, installation repairs; must be able to perform

repairs on boilers, chillers and related equipment, such as replacing bearings, packing and

mechanical seals in pumps both liquid transfer and vacuum. Install and maintain all auxiliary

air conditioning equipment consisting of chill water pumps, glycol circulating pumps, cooling

towers, control air compressors, refrigerated /desiccants type air‐dryers, pneumatic/electric

control valves, variable frequency drives, digital pneumatic variable air volume boxes,

electronic air filters, electric/steam humidifiers, automatic/manual water treatment

systems, exhaust fans, air‐balancing accessories.


Perform minor steam fitting, plumbing, electrical work, painting, and housekeeping of the

boiler plant. Ability to interpret instructions, specifications operating procedures: Determine

proper chemicals to be added to the water in the proper proportions in which they are to be

added to prevent corrosion and scale formation. Add chemicals to the chiller system and

record test results and chemicals added. Perform adjustments and corrections to boilers

based on recorded inspection date.



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